Meili's TGC Princess Canela
Cinnamon Point- Siamese

  • 2020 Best Cinnamon Point of the Year NW Region

  • 2020 Best Siamese of the year NW Region

Best body 2.jpg

RW SGC Dora Baggins Amaltea Kallisto
OSH Cinnamon

  • 2020 Best Oriental Shorthair of the year NW Region

  • 8th Best Championship Cat in the NW Region 2020

  • 7th Best Shorthair all breed Champion in the NW region

  • 2nd Place Oriental Shorthair for 2020 Internationally 

  • Best Cinnamon oriental Shorthair Internationally.


Meili's Precious Andromeda
Seal Point Siamese

  • 3rd Best Siamese Kitten of the year for 2020

  • Co-owned with Kassandra Burnham


Sumaya Yasmin Hedere
Cinnamon Lynx Point Siamese

  • One of the most affectionate cats. As the head dam, we are excited to support our soon to be Queens as they become mothers for the first time.