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Sumaya Yasmin Hedere
~Cinnamon Lynx Point Siamese~

  • One of the most affectionate cats. As the head dam, we are excited to support our soon to be Queens as they become mothers for the first time.


Meili's TGC Princess Canela
~Cinnamon Point- Siamese~


  • 2020 Best Cinnamon Point of the Year NW Region

  • 2020 Best Siamese of the year NW Region

RWQGC Kwazy's Godiva of Meili's 
~Chocolate Point Siamese~


  • Eager to start the show year


IW 2020-2021 Meili's Precious Andromeda
~Seal Point Siamese~ 

  • 3rd Best Siamese Kitten of the year for 2020

  • Co-owned with Kassandra Burnham

Meili's Hershey's Kiss (Beso)
~Chocolate OSH~

  • Eager to start the show year

SGC Azorez Alyssa of Meili's

RWSGC Azorez Alyssa of Meili's
~Brown Spotted Tabby~

  • Currently being showed

Best body 2.jpg

RW SGC Dora Baggins
~Amaltea Kallisto
OSH Cinnamon~ (Retired)

  • 2020 Best Oriental Shorthair of the year NW Region

  • 8th Best Championship Cat in the NW Region 2020

  • 7th Best Shorthair all breed Champion in the NW region

  • 2nd Place Oriental Shorthair for 2020 Internationally 

  • Best Cinnamon oriental Shorthair Internationally.

DGC Meili's Dara
~Cinnamon Oriental Shorthair~

  • Currently being showed

  • Breeding

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